Why Is Your Goodman Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling?

An air conditioner is a modern luxury that families need the most, especially during the extreme hot weather of summer. This modern luxury may tend to become less energy efficient over a certain period.

To avoid facing problems related to air conditioners it is essential to look for signs shown by your air conditioners. The issues may be as basic as cleaning up some unclean parts or getting some units repaired or replaced.

If such signs are ignored, they might result in irreparable circumstances later on. By keeping a check on your air conditioner from time-to-time it will not only help in maintaining its efficiency but also reduce the load on your wallet due to reduced electricity bills. To get your air conditioner fixed at the hands of a professional look for ac repair Tomball tx or ac contractor Tomball tx.

Ways To Figure Out The Reason For No Cooling

There may be some reasons why your air conditioner might not provide the expected cooling. You can either figure it out yourself or, it might require an inspection from a pro such as an air conditioner contractor Tomball tx.

  • Get An Early Tune-Up: Signing up for an annual tune-up plan is advisable as the HVAC companies make sure to regularly check the functioning of your air conditioner. The tune-up plan includes services such as lubrication of fans, securing all the electrical connections, and cleaning up all the units of the air conditioner.
  • Replacing The Control Board: The function of a control board is to regulate the voltage to the fan motor as well as the compressor. So, if the control board malfunctions, it might hamper the functioning of most components of the air conditioner. Since there are chances of misdiagnosing the control board, the most commonly defective parts should be checked first before replacing the control board.
  • Maintaining The Return Air ducts: As important as changing air filters can be, it is also vital to look after the return air ducts. If the return air ducts are covered with dirt, dust, and lint the load on the air conditioner increases, making it work harder in cooling the room and eventually shortening its lifespan. One way to look after the return air ducts is by vacuuming them whenever you are cleaning the room and ensuring that there is sufficient airflow.
  • Tune-Up The Compressor: One of the core components of an air conditioner is the compressor. The compressor circulates the refrigerant which cools the house by pushing out the air inside. If the compressor of an air conditioner is worn, it can cause an issue in the cooling power of the air conditioner. As mentioned a compressor is a core component and thus is hermetically sealed, meaning if it needs to be serviced the air conditioner needs to be sorted out completely, and this requires expert help from a good tech such as ac repair Tomball tx.

We at Just Right AC ensure to provide any help you require regarding your air conditioner. Be it replacing, tuning up or any service related to your air conditioner, our team of professional technicians will help you with it all.


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