Heating Replacement in Tomball, TX

Texas is famous for its extreme climate, and we wouldn’t want to take the risk of letting our heating systems break down in the middle of a cold winter night. A good furnace will operate at maximum efficiency while consuming the least amount of electricity possible without exhibiting any odd behavior.

The installation will not only make the chilly nights bearable but will also comfort each member in the house. In case you are thinking of furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, you can connect to Comfort Makers LLC in Tomball, TX, and get your furnace tuned up!

Who Are We?

Comfort Makers LLC is the business you need for your next heater tune-up or new heating unit in the Houston area. With 30 years of experience, we take care of all aspects of installing and maintaining your system, so you can rely on our high-quality service.

We provide extensive heating and conditioning services, comprising new and replacement system designs and installation, repairs, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services.

In the state of Texas, Comfort Makers LLC holds an environmental air conditioning, light commercial, and heating license. The EPA has also authorized us refrigerant transition and recovery certification.

What Do We Do?

At Comfort Makers, LLC, we’re specialists at sizing, designing, and installing new heating systems that are tailored to our Texas customers’ needs. Whether you want the dependability and energy efficiency of a furnace, the convenience of a heat pump system, or a hybrid system that can manage both heating and cooling, we have it all.

Based on the size and location of your property, we can guide you in the decision-making process and install the ideal system to satisfy your heating and cooling requirements.

When Do You Need Expert Help?

Start seeking professional or expert help as soon as you face these below-mentioned issues:

  • If your furnace is more than 15 years of age, you may always pop-up with some or either issues in it. For this, maintenance on a regular basis can help save the furnace or detect the issues popping up.
  • The furnace can end up making different noises, such as buzzing, banging or clanging kind of sounds. This is a clear indication that the furnace is in trouble.
  • The other issue faced in the furnace is the fluctuation of temperature. In this case, it switches between giving out cool and warm air constantly. Thus, seek professional service, and you can easily get sorted.

What Services Do We Provide?

You can find a wide choice of services at Comfort Makers LLC. Our staff works on residential, commercial, and new building projects. Apart from heating repair and replacement, mentioned below is a list of things you can expect from us:

How To Contact Us?

Comfort Makers LLC also offers a variety of other services and is the best heating replacement in Tomball, TX. Regardless of the time of day or night, our professionals are always available to solve your HVAC-related problems; you can reach us at our emergency line, which is available 24×7. To avail of our services, call us at (281) 861-0160.


Leslie S.

Amazing and quick service. We have had all our units worked on through our home warranty and this was the best company assigned yet : ...


Showed up promptly… replaced thermostat… checked out a/c unit …made sure freon was good. A/c working great. And…this was done under a home warranty policy.

Kristina N.

I’m a well-known local REALTOR in Houston and not only do I personally use this incredibly reliable company for my own properties, but I also ...

A D.

LOVE Comfort Makers! I have been using them since 2016. Family-owned and operated and truly honest! Something that is difficult to find in this day ...

Joe M.

These guys have been awesome, professional and I am super satisfied. They showed up at the scheduled time, Jeremy was courteous, called ahead to let ...

Donald S.

Had a fabulous experience with this company from the outgo.  Prompt, understanding, thorough, very informed, and clear on each step that was needed.  Found two ...