The Most Cost-Effective Setting For Your Air Conditioning

Summertime is hot. So what do you do? Turn on your AC. But now you are worried about your huge electricity bill. Anyhow, you turn on your AC and set it up to 70 degrees in the hope of cooling your house faster, but little did you know that the temperature on the thermostat isn’t going to change how fast your home is cooled down. You might also have some other obstructions in the air pathway that can also lead to a bigger electricity bill. So now, how do you optimize your AC settings?

List of cost-effective settings for your AC by AC contractor in Tomball, TX, at Comfort Makers Air & Heat

1. Ideal Temperature

You might think that setting your AC at the lowest temperature might make your house cool faster, but this is not the case. The temperature displayed on the thermostat is just the temperature at which your air conditioner will cut off, so you should set a realistic temperature at which you are comfortable. Setting the lowest temperature will only result in an increased electricity bill because no air conditioner can cool the room to that temperature.

2. Use Timer

Every modern AC has a very advanced controller through which you can adjust the wind speed, temperature, and many other things. One among those is a timer that you can use to turn your air conditioner off after a certain period. When you are sleeping, you don’t need that much cooling, so you can set a timer before you go to sleep. During your sleep, your air conditioner will turn off, resulting in less electricity bill.

3. Blinds

Use shades or blinds to cover your windows on a bright day so that the heat from the sun doesn’t come into your room. Which in turn would make your air conditioner work harder to maintain the same temperature. This will help you on bright days and help the air conditioner reach the temperature a lot faster. It would also help in maintaining the temperature even after the air conditioner is turned off.

4. Filters

Filters are an essential component of your air conditioner. It traps the dust and debris from the outside, obstructing it from reaching the precious parts of the air conditioner. But they tend to get dirty quickly. It leads to them blocking the way to air to reach the AC as well. If you need to keep your bill low, you need to clean to change the filters regularly.

5. Leaks

Sometimes the widows that we think are closed aren’t completely shut. Instead, they might have seams or small openings on the outer portion. These leaks can leak the cold air to a hot outside environment, which will make your air conditioner work a lot harder than it should for the same room.

6. Ducts

Maintaining ducts is no easy task. Therefore, you might need to contact a professional for this task. Well, look no more, at Comfort Makers Air & Heat, we are driven to provide you with the best possible AC contractor in Tomball, TX.

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