What Should An AC Tune-Up Include?

An air conditioner consists of many internal components within the indoor and outdoor units. Like you take your car for a frequent check-up, the air conditioner also requires regular maintenance to operate effectively and profitably.

Although air conditioners are manufactured and tested to function efficiently for many years, a tune-up is an additional boost that helps the air conditioner perform optimally and improve its shelf life. You can call air conditioning tune-up in Tomball, TX, or request a visit from AC service in Tomball, TX, for a regular tune-up of your AC.

Professional HVAC services recommend a minimum of one annual tune-up for the air conditioner to check its internal parts. Here how you know if your AC requires a tune-up –

  • Escalated electricity bills.
  • AC is unable to maintain the cool temperature.
  • Higher than usual humidity in the room.
  • Little to no airflow from cooling registers.

What Does an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Include?

Air conditioner service centers like AC service in Tomball, TX, give an estimate of how long the tune-up appointment will last based on the condition of the air conditioner. Typically known as ‘clean and check’ the tune-up for the air conditioner can last approximately an hour. Depending on the issue with the air conditioner, if there is a need to order a replacement unit, the time taken for the tune-up may be longer.

During the regular check-up of the air conditioner, the technician will do a complete evaluation of the air conditioners’ functioning. To clean and check on the internal parts of the air conditioner, they will cut the electrical power.

Most of the tasks performed by the different HVAC services under the clean and check appointment are similar, although they may vary from contractor to contractor. The tune-up tasks of an air conditioner include –

  • Inspecting for refrigerant leaks, refrigerant airflow, and charge levels.
  • Checking if all the electrical conditions are appropriate and related components are operating efficiently.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser coil of the outdoor unit.
  • Checking and adjusting the blower components.
  • Inspecting the run capacitor for unusual color marking and/or bulging.
  • Making sure all the physical connections of the individual parts are soundly connected.
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil of the indoor unit for blockage and applying a self-rinsing cleanser to clear it.
  • Cleaning or replacing your AC air filter, depending on its condition.

After completing the tune-up service, most technicians prepare a written summary of the tests and inspections they conducted on the various parts of the air conditioner and accordingly provide results and recommendations. The pricing of tune-up services and maintenance varies from company to company.

While some servicing companies provide fundamental results and recommendations for a special price to boost new business, others provide thorough evaluation through in-depth service. As long as the service is provided by a reputable and professional HVAC service company, either of the approaches will help tune up the AC and prepare it for the hot summers.

We at Just Right AC provide comprehensive services and evaluation of your air conditioner with stated performance guarantees. Request a tune-up for your air conditioner on our website today!


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