What Causes A System Lockout On A Goodman Furnace?

Does your furnace keep shutting down? If so, you may have a problem with your furnace. Have you attempted to turn it on several times and it has stopped responding? If this is the case, your furnace’s ignition may have been locked out and needs to be re-activated.

Modern furnaces have a number of safety sensors built in to make sure everything is running smoothly.
The furnace will automatically shut off if any of its sensors detect an imminent danger, protecting both the user and the furnace from further harm. The furnace will continue to remain in this state until you or your nearby Murrieta heating repair repairman manually reset it.

These issues can be tricky and a huge bummer especially in the winter months. If you’re facing any of these issues including any HVAC problems call heating replacement in Tomball, TX.

What Causes Furnace Ignition Lockout?

Problems with flame sensors, igniters, or limit switches are the most common reasons for furnaces to go into ignition lockout. The main ones for a lockout are listed below –

  1. Defective Flame Sensors
    Lockouts are often the result of faulty flame sensors. If there isn’t any fire, the sensor will cease your furnace from powering up. A defective or unkempt sensor will be unable to trace the flame, resulting in a complete ignition stoppage. Most modern furnaces offer users to power the furnaces twice before it enters into complete lockdown.
  2. Faulty Ignitor
    Another primary trigger of a lockout is the igniter. If your furnace igniter does not fire within a few seconds, the sensor will fail to detect the spark and the controller will cease the Goodman furnace from starting. Following the third attempt, your furnace will plunge into a locked-out state and will not operate again unless reset manually. If your furnace fits a pilot light, the ignition lockout might also be associated with your furnace’s failure in lighting the main burner.
  3. Limit Switch Response
    A limit switch present on your furnace keeps tabs on the fuel pressure and the heat exchanger. If the pressure is too low or the temperature has exceeded normal, the limit switch will likely close, causing the furnace to power down and enter the ignition lockout mode. The reduced airflow from a clogged filter can trip the limit switch. The status code lights may also tell you what induced the lockout if you have a modern model.


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