Make Your Air Conditioner Work More Efficiently

The summer season has almost arrived. People have started to shake off the dust from their ACs to start using them. However, there is one common problem that nearly every AC owner faces; the problem of less efficiency. Everyone has AC’s, but not everyone knows how to ensure that they keep working efficiently with the passing time.

So, here are a few methods to keep in mind so that your air conditioner remains efficient:


  • Regular Check-up of the AC

Our ACs also need regular maintenance and tuning to remain in their best condition. A serviced AC works better and more efficiently than an unserviced AC. An AC that has not had its maintenance will have to work harder to maintain the room temperature. It will put an extra workload on the unit.

  • Do Not Disturb the Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat every few hours disrupts the working of the AC. The AC will take the same time to reach a specific temperature, no matter its temperature. Frequently increasing and decreasing the temperature of the thermostat can damage the internal parts of the AC.

  • Close the Curtains

The heat and sunlight that enters the homes through windows will increase the house’s temperature. So, the AC will have to work more to maintain the temperature. The best option here is to keep the curtains closed during the day and to open them in the evening to let the heat escape through the windows.

  • To use Dehumidifiers Instead of Air Conditioners

Dehumidifiers are the best when it comes to humidity. Sometimes, the heat is due to the humidity in the house and not the heat itself. Using dehumidifiers with fans is the best way to remove humidity. It will cool down the house members, and the AC will not have to work at all.

  • To avoid Direct Contact with the Sun To your AC

AC should not be in any contact with the sun or sunlight. Ideally, they are placed on the north side of homes to avoid the sun problem. To avoid direct contact with the sun, you can plant trees or shrubs big enough to prevent sun rays from falling on the air conditioner. The AC’s temperature is already high by working so much, the heat from sunlight will increase the temperature even more. It can damage the sensitive parts of the AC.

  • To not use other Appliances Which Increase the Temperature 

Appliances like dishwashers and clothes dryers can increase the room’s temperature and heat where they are used. Using air conditioners at the same time will need them to work more to keep the temperature cool. People should avoid using such appliances with the AC and manage their chores accordingly.

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