Is My Air Conditioner Losing Freon Without a Leak?

The refrigerant in an AC unit is a chemical compound known as R22. Manufacturers usually insert this in the gaseous form at lower pressure in the compressor of the AC. The functioning of every AC relies heavily on the volume of refrigerant that is present in it. Therefore, every technician carrying out AC service in Tomball, TX, checks the state of the refrigerant while conducting the inspection.

How does Freon affect proper AC functioning?

Many homeowners believe that an AC tends to lose or run out of freon over time, and therefore think that they require the services of an HVAC contractor in Tomball, TX. However, this is not the case when it comes to an AC.

Unless there is an actual hole or crack within the compressor holding the freon, the freon level remains the same. Therefore, an AC will never require a recharge of freon unless without the presence of a leak.

The other question that homeowners have is whether they can run an AC when it is low on refrigerant? Running an AC when it is low on refrigerant will mean that the compressor may be susceptible to damage and will be unable to cool a space like a room in the future. In some cases, running an AC on low freon can result in the unit completely breaking down.

Signs that indicate leaks in an AC

As mentioned before, ACs never require a recharge except if the compressor of the refrigerant is present in leaks. However, determining if the leak is present can be tricky. Therefore, to detect this, it is important to notice the following signs first:

  • Decreased cooling capabilities

The most common symptom of an AC without the right level of freon in the compressor is a decrease in its ability to cool a space. In fact, in some cases, the air coming out the vents of the AC will be warm. This is because the remaining refrigerant is unable to effectively cool down and exchange the air coming in.

  • Unusual sounds

Some ACs that are running low on refrigerant are also prone to releasing loud noises. Although the sounds that come from an AC can mean several things, a hissing or bubbling sound could indicate that the AC lacks refrigerant. This hissing sound is because of the refrigerant slowly leaking out of the crevice or hole that is present in the component holding the freon.

  • Growth of ice
    The outdoor unit or the interior components may also experience growth of ice due to the leaking freon. This is because of the low pressure created inside the unit creating the perfect condition for the buildup of ice. It is best to check if there is any leakage regularly.

Therefore, in case there is a leak in the unit, a homeowner must hire quality technicians like the employees of Comfort Makers, offering HVAC repair in Tomball, TX. To book any service, call 281-861-0160.


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