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RESIDENTIAL: Sales, Service and Installation of all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment. Equipment Efficiency Evaluation. Bi- yearly maintenance programs. Personalized Home Comfort Diagnosis.

COMMERCIAL: Sales, Service and Installation of all makes, models and sizes of air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment. Zone comfort, air balancing, building structure air infiltration and ventilation diagnosis and solutions. Equipment Efficiency Evaluation. Monthly and bi-yearly maintenance programs.

SERVICE: Comfort Makers has certified technicians that are trained to repair all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment. Our technicians are specifically trained to diagnose Indoor Air Quality problems before they occur. Our phones are answered by Comfort Makers employees 24 hours a day so we are able to assist your immediate needs.

SALES: Sometimes equipment does need to be replaced. Comfort Makers is a mechanical company that carries all manufactured brands of equipment. We perform every job with quality work at a quality price.

MAINTENANCE: Comfort Makers offers yearly maintenance agreements which will help to diagnosis problems before they become costly, help prevent Indoor Air Quality problems and help to prolong the life of the heating and cooling equipment.